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It’s been a little while since I gave a full-fledged update on the new house.  I don’t think there has yet been a single development that hasn’t thrilled me to my very core.  As the frame went up and the rafters were positioned, the home started taking incredible shape right before our eyes.  Some insulated boards, a little home wrap and a bit of tar paper gave the structure some Little-Engine-That-Could character.

In the midst of the raftering and the structuring, I loved walking through the house and memorizing its bones.  I know it will look completely different when the sheetrock goes in, but for now I love looking up through my ceiling area and seeing the intricacies of the rafters.  (Hey – it’s intricate to me.  I can’t manage to fasten two popsicle sticks together on my own.)  My favorite part of the bones is this portion of the roof’s underbelly as seen over the entry hall from my living room.  It reminds me of a cathedral, and when the evening sun peeks in and reflects off of the insulated boards it looks downright ethereal to me.

Electricians came in and did their thing, giving my rooms and ceilings a little more character with the lighting hardware.

And finally this week the framing crew returned to install the ceiling boards I had selected for the porch and patio ceilings.  I got really excited when I saw this above the front porch:

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac threatened Louisiana right as we were preparing for shingles to go up.  Given that my home sits on good ol’ down-home Louisiana red clay, my builder was very cautious about letting anyone up on my roof with mud on their shoes.  The threat of bad weather meant we waited a few extra days before the shingles were added.  If you ask me, it was totally worth the wait.

So you see, things are definitely “looking up.”  We’ll be plugging along until the next update.