Meet Lady.  She is my father-in-law’s dog, a sweet Yellow Lab.  She goes everywhere Dad goes.  And she rarely will go anywhere without him.

We went with Mom, Dad and a few of the grandkids to pick Lady out of a litter 7 years ago.  Truth be told, I think they let the kids pick the pup.  This is one of my favorite pics of Vic, taken on the day Dad got Lady.

Victoria and Lady, June 12, 2005

Lady visits the new house next door whenever Dad walks over, provided he has given her permission to follow.  (Think any of her good behavior will rub off on Mabel when we move in?) She sweetly follows, keeping Dad in her sight at all times.

When the pad for my front steps was poured last week, Lady autographed the cement for us.

Lady’s pad prints 9-12-12

And it was a treat to see her pawprints on some extra tarpaper that lay on our patio after she had walked through the drywall dust.  I heard Dom announce, “Lady’s been here!”

She has become quite the inspector of the new homestead, sniffing the cement and greeting everyone who comes to work.

Lady checks out the loggia

I think she is as satisfied with the progress as we are.

Lady with Mom, watching the fence progress at the back of the property

I also believe she will make an excellent neighbor!