This House…

…has watched our family grow.
May it now smile on you and all you hold dear.

…has hosted celebrations from baptisms to birthdays.
May the special events of your life store their memories within these walls.

…has been our shelter from the storm.
May it now be your safe haven.

…has provided us with quiet rest.
May you know the gift of true comfort here.

…has watched us work.
May the fruits of your labor be prosperity and peace.

…has echoed our music and felt our dancing.
May your song now be its anthem.

…has heard coffee brewing and laughter ringing.
May your cup of joy run over.

…has so much to share with you.
Welcome home.

[I left this on the kitchen counter for the new owners who will take possession of the house this afternoon. Then I shed a few tears, Dom said a little prayer, and we walked through that old familiar door for the last time. I just wanted to preserve the memory here. God bless this house and all who enter.]