Processes are important to me.  They mark beginnings and endings.  I have a mental sequence of processes for the projects in my life.  As we wind down the building and gear up for the moving, my process takes on a new dimension.  And as you have seen, I tend to tie a lot of my spirituality into my processes.  This next phase will be no different.

As the house was built, it was important to me that my God be a part of it all.  Hence, the bible verses everywhere beneath the sheetrock.  I felt like He needed to be truly represented in the bones of the home so that I would be constantly reminded of his word and direction.  As we get ready to move in, it seems only fitting that He be the first inhabitant of the house, in a visible and symbolic way.

One of our wedding gifts was a crucifix that I had picked out. It has hung in our bedroom for 16 years now. It will hang in our new bedroom for many more. And in my traditional, ritual sort of way, I have determined that it shall be the first thing moved in to the new house. Before any boxes, before any furniture. Before we get busy with the unpacking and the finding of long-lost items. He has to be our first and primary resident.

Jesus was a carpenter. Hammer and nails were the tools of his trade.

Jesus was a sacrifice. Hammer and nails were the tools of his execution.

So when my builder tells me it’s time to move in I will gather my crucifix, a hammer and a nail and cermoniously bring Jesus in first.  Because I believe that putting him first is the only way to follow him.