Originally, I wanted to write something meaningful to summarize what 2012 has meant for us.  But we were inundated with building a house, so we didn’t really take time to make a whole lot of memories outside of that process.  Now that I have my computer set up (still minus internet access, which is a pain in the butt) I took a moment to review the pictures of 2012.

Suffice it to say I am no photographer.

Most of these were taken with my phone.  I started rocking the camera app once iOS began allowing me access to the camera without entering my phone’s passcode.  Heh heh…fear me now.  Victoria tried to get me on Instagram, and I think I’m there.  Is it a bad sign that I don’t know for sure??

Anyhoo, here’s our year in review: (Drum roll….)

January:  My new van hit 5,000 miles and was due its first tire rotation.  (Bear with me, it gets better.  Um, sort of…)


February: My co-workers announced my age to my neighborhood.


March: This was our nightly ritual at the old house… we all headed up the stairs to bed, led by the pups.  Mabel would run up first and hide behind the door frame in order to attack Mason when he reached the top of the stairs.  Every.  Single.  Night.


April:  Looks like we didn’t have too much going on in April, but apparently there was a full moon one night that I thought looked cool.  (Yes, I realize now that I lied when I said it would get better. Ahem. Moving on…)


May: One random Saturday dinner after Mass.  This is Victoria with Papa.


June: Ahhh, sweet summer nights.  Let the kids stay up late and put on some coffee.  Dom slaughters us in Monopoly every time.


July: For Independence Day we visited my family in East Texas.  Kathy taught Vic how to do a headstand on yoga blocks.


August: By now we were moved in with my parents, and my sweet boy turned 12.


September: Victoria finally decided to get her ears pierced.


October:  Contractors poured our driveway, and I wrote our names in the back corner.


November: My dad bought himself an iPad, like, a week before his birthday.  Mom hates when he does that!  But here they are, happily screening out together.


December:  On the very last day of 2012 here is Mabel, looking out our office window to see what 2013 will bring.  (Yeah, right.  She’s not thinking that far ahead…she’s hoping a squirrel will skip by so she’ll have something to bark at!)


Happy New Year, friends.  May 2013 be your best year yet!!