I knew when we moved in that we were going to need blinds in our windows.  Aaron’s room is on the front of the house, and I was surprised that he didn’t complain when he learned that he was going to be sleeping in there with no window coverings.  I didn’t know who to call for estimates and figured I’d probably be ordering wooden blinds online anyway.   Not having a clue what else might be important, my primary goal was to find blinds that would match the paint color of my window trim.  And so I Googled.

And Googled.

And Googled.

Then one Saturday after Mass we headed to our favorite pizza place for some fine dining and VOILA!!  Right there, across the street from our pizza parlor was a blind and drapery company.  Who knew???  (Just goes to show sometimes we only see what we’re looking for.)  I didn’t even bother calling anyone else.  Quite honestly, after living on this older end of town for the past 13 years, Dom and I are more than happy to patronize businesses who choose to stay over here rather than venture to the “newer” (and gawd-awful busier) side of Shreveport.  David Carroll’s Blinds and Draperies had us, quite literally, at hello.

I called them up and scheduled a visit for an estimate.  Mike, the store founder’s son, drove out to our house and measured all the windows, petted Mason and Mabel, and showed me four fans of color choices.  We went through the house holding the colors up in each window to make sure we got the closest match.  Turns out, it’s SPOT ON!!!


(Look, Mom! I even made my bed today!!)  And no, I haven’t decided what to put on the walls yet…

The blinds were installed in just under two hours.  We ended up only covering the windows across the front of the house, in the master bedroom, and in the upstairs bonus room… all for considerably less money than I was anticipating, which made me (in the words of Duck Dynasty) happy, happy, happy!

I omitted the option to put coverings on the living room windows, though I asked for a quote anyway.  I love the openness and light, and Mike agreed that it would be a shame to cover it up.  Maybe someday, but not yet…  We gotta leave one set of windows for Mabel’s nose prints!