I’ve been considering moving my recipe site into this one for some time now.  The link in the menu bar will take you to the separate site, but I’m kinda sick of having three separate sites to maintain.  I remember when I had five domains, and was actually entertaining the idea of seven-plus.  I can only blame the recent packing, moving and unpacking for my new attitude of “less is more.”

That being said, this blog is about to absorb all my recipes.  So if you are an email subscriber, and you are suddenly flooded with emails of new posts from me (like 20 or so at a time) please know that I tried to prevent that!!  If things go the way I want them to, then you won’t really be aware of all the posts being imported.  And if you determine that you want recipes, the link will still be in the menu to sort the category.  After that, you’ll just see my random recipe posts as I create them, interspersed with life lessons and the crazy in my head.  🙂

A few things you should know about my recipe categories:

“COOK IT HOW LONG???” recipes are those that simmer for an hour or more.  In other words, don’t plan to work all day and then come home to start this recipe for dinner.

“Time Hogs” don’t necessarily cook long, but the preparation is long and involved.  Save these recipes for the weekend when you’re not already stressed.

“THAT DOESN’T SUCK!!!!” recipes are those which have established themselves as worthy meals in our home, strictly according to Dom.  He is quite complimentary, but he is also a smarty-pants sometimes, and when he knows I’m hoping for a whopping compliment, he’ll often pacify me with an astonished “That doesn’t suck!!!”  It’s his way of saying, “Way to go, honey.  You rival Julia Child, Emeril AND Rachael Ray,” while still keeping me dangling on the hook.  What can I say?  It works.

Well, I’m off to stir things up in the WordPress dashboard now.  Wish me luck.  Oh, and Buon Appetito!!