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Sorry, y’all.  I took a little unintended snooze for a while and neglected my blogs, my email and life in general outside of Poca Voglia.  I practically dropped off the map.  I’m actually surprised the Internet still knows me.  I logged in only to pay bills and buy things from Amazon.  (I heart Amazon.)  My own parents didn’t see me for three weeks, and Mom and I only talked on the phone twice in that whole time.  I know, right?  And what, you may ask, kept me holed up in my bubble for so long?  Well… see, what had happened was…

I got tendonitis in my elbow, which is aggravated by my desk height every time I use the computer at home.  So that kept me from sitting there to write, which as you see I am finally determined to do anyway.  My poor little blog has been bombarded by spam and autobot “users” despite all the free protection I can afford for the site, so checking my email has become an all out pain in the backside.  I had to deal with Comcast (the corporate spawn of Satan) three more times, and suffered the botanical injustice of watching a “white” crepe myrtle bloom purple in my front yard.  PURPLE!  The nursery graciously gave me another tree that blooms in the correct color.  (Comcast, surprisingly, also came through for me in the end.  The very end.  Go figure.) I was cell-phone harassed by an obnoxious marketing ploy for two weeks before I finally got the chance to give them an uncensored piece of my mind.  I got sucked in to a really long book that I couldn’t put down despite my grudge against it.   And on top of all that, Aaron’s computer got a virus, so any tech time I had at home was devoted to restoring his system.  Were it not for my father, I’d still be sitting there trying to disarm the virus.  He dealt with it for twenty minutes and then just formatted the hard drive.  Needless to say, I am now an overbearing Windows-updating, kilobyte-clearing, security-locking, virus-sniffing bloodhound. Floppy ears and all.

Not that it’s been all bad, mind you.  My garage now sports a gloriously organized peg-board, my yard is looking pretty good, and the family is still healthy.  I managed to ease myself into a new hairstyle, and this pasty white girl is finally sporting a natural, subtle summer glow.  The tan (if you’ll forgive my liberal use of the word) won’t last long, but I am enjoying it nonetheless.

OK, so now that you’ve heard my sob story, put down your violin and sneak a peek at this!  I am officially three weeks late with the news (because of all that crap I just whined about) but Lisa over at Simple Beauty Minerals (formerly Style Essentials) is having a month-long anniversary party.  And she’s giving gifts at her own party…’cause that’s just how she rolls.  Each week is a special celebration.  I won’t even tell you what we’ve already missed, but this week focuses on Different Colored Eyes and Lisa has free mineral shadows to send based on your eye color (if supplies still last).  Next week will have something to do with ice cream colors, which sounds perfect for this time of year.  I’ve already put you drastically behind, so head on over to Lisa’s site and sign up for her newsletter so you can get some cool gifts too!  You’ll only be sorry if you don’t sign up.  😉

May the rest of your summer be infinitely healthy!