When we set out to build our house and planned to have less carpet in the new home than in the old one, my primary concern was whether Mason would be able to walk well on the tile and hardwood which would dominate our floors. I scoured Amazon for no-slip dog socks and found a collegiate-looking striped set for Mason. For Mabel, there were hot pink socks with a skull and crossbones design. Most fitting, don’t you think? I ordered them immediately.

Sadly, Mason did not care too much for his socks. Sometimes I think he equated them to cement shoes. Other times, he tolerated the socks for what I was certain was the knowledge that the socks would keep him from sliding across the floor. Toward the end, Mason was so timid about walking on the bare floors that if we couldn’t find the socks, we often had to make a trail of towels and blankets to get him from the living room to the bedroom or vice versa. Admittedly, the socks were a bit tedious. If we did not remove them from his feet on his way outside, he would accidentally leave one in the yard, or more often, the socks would get wet. Trust me, pee-soaked doggie socks are just gross.


Mason sleeping with his socks on. 🙂

At one point shortly after last Christmas we lost one sock. Just one. Three remained. Mabel’s socks were too small for Mason’s big ol’ feet, so we rotated the three remaining striped socks in an effort to keep his back feet stable. We must have asked each other a hundred times where that lone sock could have gone. Dom swore Mabel took it.

When we packed up Mason’s things on that last day, we gently placed his three socks with his collar in his food bowl and reverently committed them to a cabinet in the utility room.

Today Mabel followed me into my bedroom and immediately began sniffing around my nightstand. And then she went all-out nutso, digging at the carpet and trying to reach her paw all the way under the nightstand. She was acting like she does when she has cornered a frog or a lizard, so I was nervous about investigating with her. But then again, no way was I going to allow some crawly critter to exist in my home, much less eighteen inches from my side of the bed, so I knelt down and peered under the furniture to see what all the fuss was about. There was something big under there. Something big and dark.

The thing seemed inanimate, so I grabbed a coat hanger and shoved it under the nightstand to hook the unsuspecting prey. Mabel just about came unglued. I pulled out the coat hanger and proudly displayed Mason’s fourth sock. Undoubtedly, he wore it to bed one night and inadvertently kicked it off while he slept in front of my nightstand. And we thought we had looked everywhere for that thing!

I don’t usually get too excited over lost or found socks. But, four months later, this reminder of Mason makes my eyes watery and my heart happy. And Mabel thought it was worth celebrating, too.