On this night, on this night, on this Holy Thursday night…

Yeah, I just hijacked TSO’s Christmas Canon and turned it toward Holy Week.  You’re going to be humming that for the rest of the night.  You’re welcome.

I played around on YouTube during lunch today. I was actually looking for an old gospel song that I remembered from the 80’s because, well, frankly I was in a really low spot today about a family member’s health. I needed to deal with it emotionally, but first I needed to cry.  And pray.  And so I hit up YouTube and found the song. That led me to other sadder songs and the next thing I knew I was bouncing through a playlist of tear-jerkers, blowing my nose into my napkin and ignoring the leftover chicken on the plate in front of me.  YouTube is kind enough to offer a list of videos similar to whatever it is you’re presently watching, and so you can ride a spiral of despair right into a box of Kleenex if you are so inclined.

It just so happens, I was inclined.

The list of suggested videos finally took an upswing, and the last one I watched was one of the best I’ve ever seen, not for any super videography or anything, but for the message.

It is at this point that, if I were telling this story to my parents, my dad would interrupt to ask if this is going to be a long story. Yes. Yes, it is. (Do I really know any other kind?)

The video was of an interview with actor Jim Caviezel, who, as you may know, portrayed Jesus in The Passion of The Christ.  I love that movie, but I can only watch it if I’m in the right frame of mind, such as I try to be in the days leading up to Easter.  It’s perfect for tonight. Anyhoo, in the interview Jim talks about his spiritual commitment to the movie and the physical trials of portraying Jesus in his final days.  It is a moving talk. But he takes it farther than just his role in the film.  He takes it to our role as Christians.  He is frank, forthright and challenging.  I loved every word.

In the end of the video, Jim talks about a project he’s involved with – a full cast audio production of the New King James Version of The Bible.

Let me just say that I am an audiobook freak already, but I am an all-out sucker for full cast productions. I fall head over heels for narrators who can distinguish different voices for each character (like the incomparable Jim Dale), but I am swept away in full cast audiobooks.  I hopped over to Audible.com and looked up the Word of Promise Bible.  90 hours of audio, over 600 actors and actresses, and a boatload of omigosh WOW! I bought it right then and there.  To tell you what kind of talent is involved in this production:

Jim Caviezel reads the part of Jesus.

Jon Voight reads Abraham.

Richard Dreyfuss is Moses.

Gary Sinise is David.

Lou Diamond Phillips is Mark.

And the list goes on.  Marisa Tomei, Stacy Keach, Louis Gossett Jr., Jason Alexander, Michael York, John Schneider, Luke Perry. The audio is amazing.  I spent time with it this evening while I pulled weeds from the flower bed. I might actually get through the whole Bible now.

(Side note to Jessica, my audiobook muse: After you left my office this morning I went back to The Bone Season, but now it’s been sidelined again. I know you understand.  😊)

As I bring this post to a close, I’m pretty sure I hear Dom watching The Ten Commandments in the living room. Looks like we each have our Lenten/Easter movies.

If you are inclined to watch Jim Caviezel’s interview, I think you’ll find it 40 minutes well spent. I for one am grateful for fellow Christians who remind me who I’m meant to be, and that because of that empty tomb, no tomb is an end.