Public Wierdness

One of the bloggers I follow has a page on her site where she lists all the funny and illogical spam comments and search terms that people use to find her blog.  I thought the litany on her site was pure genius, and laughed myself silly, so I decided to check out the odd search terms that led people to my site.  Here they are:

unpainted ceramics religious jesus hooligan

redneck home theater (I truly deserved this one.)

peed his overalls  (What the…?!)

stocked plumber truck inside

scared faces on roller coaster at night

одежда персонала Старбакс (I kid you not.)

puppy kick ass (Courtesy of Mabel, I’m sure.)

spoiled children

indian kids in serial

new stuffed animals that you can put fluff in

lonesome dove what lorie says to gus when he’s dead quotes (Um, I love that movie, so…okay…I guess.)

dom et laurie (En Francais, oui?)

mabel + my good dog (BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

atcha bakery

dom wife real life blog  (Yep.  That’s us.)

http://www.pacik anunner

nerdy cake pops

teeny dom

chingles dom  (They were my shingles, thankyouverymuch.  Is this like “choot ’em”???)

gladiola tattoo

lori dom odtix

crazy little thing called love script english

ablebites cracked version

fly fishing wing burners sets


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