About Dom and Lori

Welcome to our little piece of internet real estate.  We have a lot going on over here, as you can  see.  Well, Dom “does” and I “talk.”  It works for us.  Grab a cuppa joe and sit a spell, won’t ya?

This blog is where I rant and rave or swoon and coo over whatever happens to be going on at the moment, be it world-wide, community-related, or only in my head.  It was originally called “Things, Life, What-Not.”  I titled it from a scene in Sixteen Candles when the geek asks  Samantha, “How’s it going?” She snarks back, “How’s what going?”  He replies with, “You know, things, life, what-not…” and then she slams him with, “Life is not ‘what-not’ and it’s none of your business.” Except that I make it  everyone’s business.  I really do.

The home building pages chronicle our journey of building a house, which was 100% incredible.  We finally moved in on December 7, 2012. Dorothy was right…there’s no place like home.

The Munchkins are the extra beings we birthed into the human race.  I intended it to comprise mostly my favorite pictures, but I’ve shared more than a few tidbits about the kids who keep us simultaneously on our toes and on our knees.

The Critters are our furry children.  We have just one dog now, Mabel, our black Lab.  Mason, our yellow Lab and the Best Dog Ever, died in May 2014 at the age of 14.  We miss him more than words can say.  Our critters used to also include two rabbits (Marsha Mallow and Graham Cracker) as well as up to three tanks of fish at one time.  Mabel may have her  own blog someday.  She needs a place  where she has permission to rule. As if she cared anything about permission…

The Purpose Driven Mom: my journey into healthy stuff.  I dragged my family along kicking and  screaming.  They survived.  Until we began the home building process, I was more active on this blog than any of my other domains.  It’s my passion  site.

Favorite Recipes: We love food.  Let’s face it, you can’t live in Louisiana  and not love food.  Plus, there’s Italian in the bloodline.  Buon appetito! (I’ve also ventured out as the Paleo Principessa for the paleo foodies.)

Eventually I hope to post our family tree with potential links to our Ancestry.com trees and maybe even a few downloadable files for any of you fellow genealogy geeks out there. Lotsa pics too. Someday.

You can find  me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  If I don’t  recognize your FB name, I probably won’t accept the friend request…just  sayin’.  I do have a FB page for Purpose Driven Mom.  Feel free to follow along.


1 thought on “About Dom and Lori”

  1. Lori, thanks so much for visiting me at Techno-Dunce. Love your site.
    Karen xx


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